Are you interested in the historical significance of Fort Myers Beach? The Mound House is a great place to begin your exploration! 

Our nomadic ancestors were the equivalent of present-day tourist seeking warmer climates from their frozen tundras. These fierce pioneers settled in coastal Florida areas and became “The Calusas” or “Shell Indians.” This tribe did not farm but instead fished as their main source of food and were superior sailors. They used hundreds of millions of shells for construction of their villages, tools, jewelry, and weaponry alike. They also became known for discarding the used or worn shells and creating large heaps known as “mounds.” These mounds are environmentally protected and Fort Myers Beach offers a fantastic exhibition, “The Mound House.”

Exploring this area is like no other of its kind with the rich embodiment of archaeology, the underground museum, guided kayak tours on the local waterways and eco-tours.

For more information about this historical location, visit: The Mound House Website or stop by 451 Connecticut Ave, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931. (239) 765-0865.