The holiday season is underway and we are busy with holiday parties, decorating, baking and all the other fun activities that go with this festive time of year. In this week’s post rather than share market statistics, mortgage issues or other real estate topics. I think this is a great time of year to reflect on what a home truly means to a family.

Karen and I purchased our home on Fort Myers Beach nearly twenty-six years ago, which we find very hard to believe. I have to admit when we first purchased our home we were just married and and truly never believed we would live in the same home all these years later. Our home has been the place that we raised our two children, now twenty-two and twenty-four years old. Our home has been the place where we have entertained many of our friends and family over the years, and has been the safe place that we enjoy returning to at the end end of very busy day. It is the place where the family shares their triumphs and frustrations. It is the place that we cry, yell and most importantly laugh at with each other. I am grateful that in our home there was a great deal of laughter and relatively little crying or yelling.

We came back to our home after winning and losing little league games, swim meets, dance recitals, high school and college graduations. We sat in our home and planned Cub Scout and Girl Scout events and even turned our living room into Girl Scout cookie headquarters one year when we needed storage for extra orders.

We transformed our home to include room for a boat so our family could enjoy being on the water, watching dolphins, tubing or water skiing. We’ve remodeled our home over the years to meet the current needs of our family. The screened lanai became a playroom, then a den, and finally a dining room.

Over the years our home has changed a great deal, as has each of our family members. Often we spend so much time looking and thinking about the bricks and mortar, the size, location, view, etc. of a home, that we forget to stop and remember the special place that our home truly is to each and every one of our family members.

This is the time of year to think about how lucky we are in our country to have a home to call our own. Many people reading this post, will be residing in their “second” home for the winter. Regardless if this is your only home or if you have several homes, take a moment this time of year to reflect on how important your home has been in your life. From time to time life calls for changes in what we call home, whether it is downsizing, upsizing or moving to a retirement community. Should you have a desire to buy or sell real estate in Southwest Florida my team is here to help. Whatever type of property you own today or will own in the future, your home is and always will be very important in your life.

From our home (26 Happy Years living in Fort Myers Beach) to your home, Karen and I want to wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season.