When it comes to a real estate transaction you may find yourself working with an agent that is looking to be the hero of the transaction or you may find an agent who is committed to guiding you through the process and on to a successful closing.

I recently came across an article titled” You are Not The Hero: What Real Estate Agents Learn From the Hero’s Journey”.  It really resonated with me, as the Real Estate Industry (along with many industries) has changed greatly since the internet has become such a huge part of everyday life.

The article talked about how a hero’s journey involves a character (the hero) who goes on an adventure to find something.  Along the way the hero experiences a problem that can’t be overcome.  As this situation unfolds the hero meets a guide who offers a plan.  That leads to the question is the real estate agent you want to work with the hero or the guide?

 The hero will present himself as the center of the transaction, the marketing materials will be focused on the success of the agent, how many deals they have done, and why they are better than other agents.  Often this type of agent comes into a listing presentation with a mission to share information with a potential client on their success, how great their numbers are compared to other agents and why they are the best agent.  In an industry with a reputation of attracting people known for not being the most humble, believe me we have “hero” agents.  As you evaluate which type of real estate agent to hire to assist you with a transaction you may wish to consider are you looking for a hero or a guide.

On the other hand, the “guide” agent will ask questions to see how they may be able to offer service to the client and to the transaction.  The guide will ask important questions, and will pick up on concerns and find ways that they can assist their client through out the transaction.  They are truly interested in having a happy, satisfied client, at the end of the process.  The guide agent doesn’t worry about assisting the real estate agent representing the other side of the transaction, as they are constantly working to guide the transaction toward a successful closing.

In the twenty years that I have been selling real estate I have worked with many agents, some trying to be the hero, and some being the guide.  When you  do the research, it is interesting to note that  often, the more humble agent, who is focused on the client throughout the process, actually does more transactions than the outspoken agent. 

When I reflect on my work as an agent and how I encourage the members of my team, are we the acting as hero’s or guides?   It is our goal to always strive to be the best we can be.   To successfully (sometimes heroically) guide the transaction, always being a step ahead, with options on how to address any challenges as they come up, and get the transaction to a successful closing!  That is our job, and we love what we do.